A PWYF Moment: Eileen’s Low-Carb Sushi

Play with your food. #PWYF
This has been my mission since day one of this blog. To play
with MY food. To encourage you to play with YOUR food. To build up a Foodie
Nation of post-ops who are unafraid to embrace their love of food and translate
their old favorites into new hits!
I think this philosophy might be catching on.
On the Bariatric Foodie Facebook page, my pal Eileen posted
the above photo. It is so inventive that it made me take pause and stare at my
computer open-mouthed. I mean really. Surely, this little blog could not have
inspired such innovation. But apparently it did!
And because it may not be apparent what you’re looking at I’m
going to translate it for you.
Although Eileen says this is not her finest attempt at
presentation, she made sushi rolls…using cauliflower rice.
No wait…I don’t think you get it…she made SUSHI. ROLLS.
I think I may have embarrassed Eileen with the joy I have
exhibited over this but THIS is the spirit of Bariatric Foodie. This is #PWYF!
This is not to say that more everyday dishes aren’t as well, but my dear,
wonderful Foodies: I think Eileen’s example teaches us that there is NO food
that can’t be made weight-loss surgery friendly.
By the way, if you’d like to learn to make cauliflower rice,
here’s how. Now…go play with your food!

One comment

  1. Awesome. I'm a lover of cooked sushi rolls…so the idea of making it myself…wow…i'm excited. I really need to play with my food more. I know what I want…but I don't want to be wasteful.

    I'm a lapbander who converted to gastric sleeve due to band complications.