Winner of the “Play With MY Food” Cooking Contest: Taco Casserole Category

And now it’s time for the very last winner of the very first
Bariatric Foodie “Play With MY Food” Cooking contest! Thank you everyone for
entering. I was nervous about doing this contest. Ask my judges. I fretted that
nobody would enter. Not only did you guys enter, you rocked it!!!
I think Dana, too, had a very challenging job as a judge in
this contest. Firstly, because folks were taking on the “Taco Casserole,” BF’s
flagship recipe. But secondly because there are just so many directions you can
take it. There were some very creative entries.
For this one I will have to add Dana’s picture later. He’s
had a bit of a crazy work schedule and agreed to judge this contest even though
he was really busy! All that and he’s agreed to be our Foodie Guy for the newsletter.
So all that is to say that we’ll look forward to Dana’s rendition of….

Gypsy’s Ole Bake!!!!
Congrats Gypsy! Please email me at to claim
your prize!
I’ll share Dana’s official thoughts on the dish when he
submits his picture but for now I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing the following
quote from when he notified me of the winning dish. I think it was, “winner,
winner Ole dinner!”
I must admit this picture had me drooling! It just looks
like something I want to dive into and swim in!
So congrats to Gypsy! And thanks to everyone who entered.
Stay tuned tomorrow to learn which of the contest entrants will win a free box
of Quest bars! And I’m HOPING to get the rest of the recipes ready for you to download before
I leave for the Obesity Action Coalition “Your Weight Matters” convention in
Phoenix this Thursday. Swing a chicken on that one, ok Foodies?
Winner of the "Play With MY Food" Cooking Contest: Taco Casserole Category
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Winner of the "Play With MY Food" Cooking Contest: Taco Casserole Category
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  1. Wow! I was just looking for a bariatric taco casserole yesterday. I saw this and thought I’d found my craving. Was so upset when I clicked on it and … NO RECIPE! Can you share? Would love, love to have this recipe. Thanks!!

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