Who’s the Winner? It could be YOU!!!

Happy Monday Foodies!

And thanks to EVERYONE who came out to the 2011 Bariatric Foodie Holiday Food Tasting and who ordered a Holiday Survival Kit.

IMPORTANT: All Kit orders have gone out. So far I’ve gotten a few back return to sender because of the addresses and I’m working to get in touch with those folks to get them their Kit. If YOU have not yet received your Kit, hit me up!!!

Now, you might remember that for the people who ordered the Holiday Survival Kit, you guys get your own special “door prize” — a Ninja Prep Blending System (producer of the infamous “90 second ice cream”).

I entered the names of everyone who ordered a Kit (thank you PayPal for the convenient list) and plugged it into my handy-dandy list randomizer and the winner is…


Tami, you have until this Friday, December 16th to email me at bariatricfoodie@yahoo.com to claim your prize. If I don’t hear from you by then, I draw again!!!

Again, thanks to EVERYONE who participated in BF’s Holiday festivities! It’s so much fun to interact with all of you and help you translate your holiday traditions into your new lifestyle! If I can be of ANY assistance this holiday season, feel free to call upon me!


  1. I've been wantin' one of those Ninjas…*sigh* maybe next time…

    <3 your site.

  2. Hey Mama,

    While I can't promise another Ninja, stay tuned to BF!!! In February we'll have the 2nd Annual Pledge (search "Pouch Party Pledge" to find out what that's all about). This year the prizes are bigger and better!

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