Three Kicka$$ Holiday Cheeseballs

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First, can we just have the obligatory giggle over the term “cheeseball.” Let’s do it.


Ok, now that we’ve indulged our inner 9 year-olds, let’s get started, shall we?


(I’m sorry…this is really unprofessional but…LOLOLOLOLOL…ok…I’m done…I promise.)

They are one of my favorite party treats! You know why? A few reasons:

  1. They are super easy to prep and make. (It takes about 7-ish minutes to prep one, a few hours to chill)
  2. They look really impressive when you set them out.
  3. They are really easy to make both low-cal and high-protein

The latter is important. I find most party food is carbs, carbs, carbs. And yeah…I get it. It’s a party. We’re indulging. But then I feel like the b*tchy person in the room when I survey the entire snack table and find not a single piece of protein. Do these people not know about my blood sugar drops???? (Actually they don’t. Mostly because I didn’t tell them.)

So when I have a party (or contribute to a party) very often I will make a cheeseball, thus ensuring there is at least one thing on the damn table that I can eat.

These cheeseball recipes have the added benefit of making you look like a super-legit Foodie. Don’t believe me. Just say the names of them. Don’t you just feel more cultured?

Cheeseball Collage

Curried Cheeseball (pictured above)

This is based off of a cheeseball that used to be served at my bariatric support group holiday party. I had someone recently ask if they could make this without the curry. You could…but you probably don’t want to. If you don’t like curry…look to one of these other choices. For this cheeseball the sweetness of the raisins is tempered by the exotic flavor of the curry, which blends well with the crunchiness of the nuts. It’s a flavor family. You don’t want to break up this family. Don’t make your cheeseball from a broken home!

Gimme that recipe!

Strawberry Cheesecake

strawberry cheesecake for wordpress

This one has a story. For the last few years I’ve been trying really hard to eat in season for my local area. Which means that although my children long for strawberries in the winter, I am very careful to protect my supply. (I buy in bulk in the summer, and freeze them with my Food Saver machine!)

But this cheeseball? Well worth the investment of a portion of my frozen berries!

Gimme that recipe!

Raspberry Walnut Goat Cheese

raspberry walnut for wordpress

Yessss! If this doesn’t make you look like an expert Foodie, I don’t know what will. I’m not sure why folks think goat cheese is a complex thing. I basically just buy it and mix it into stuff. But whatever. I’ll take the accolades. And the yummy flavor!

Gimme that recipe!

So there you have it, Foodies. Three kicka$$ cheeseballs that will not only satisfy party guests, but put you in the potluck hall of fame. Because, really, isn’t that where we all want to be???



  1. Well! You had me with the cheezy joke! The raspberry walnut is starring my favorite cheese and a danger in my house. I buy those tiny little logs thinking I’ll stay out of trouble then it’s gone in less than a day. What do I do? Think about nothing else every minute, until I get into the car and get me another! Normally I try not to even start with the goat cheese. But for a holiday recipe to take and share, that I can do! I’m not a great fan of raspberries, but I’ll bet some homemade s.f. Cranberry sauce would fit the holiday theme. Maybe if I made it without any added water it would be thick enough?

    My blood sugar is more slippery than a baby in a nylon snowsuit! At 10 years out, I’m thinking I’m not going to outgrow it. I like the idea of adding a protein dish. Do you ask ahead of time, or just go ahead and bring something? I am just wondering how to approach this. Thank you for the recipes! I’m in!

    • Ooo…I like the way your mind is working. Play with your food, Kit!

      I don’t actually ask most of the time. I maybe should but in my circles I know the protein isn’t hurting anybody. Plus when you disclaimer your food folks judge it before they’ve even tried it. So a good middle ground might be to ask the host/hostess what they think. Usually they know something about their guests. If they think added protein is a problem (and literally this adds a few grams per bite) then disclaimer. Otherwise, put it on the table and walk AWAY!

      • Thanks for the thoughts! Pretty sure you are right. We tend to go to fairly relaxed parties anyway, and you’re right about the pre-judgment! I haven’t offered up any history about my health issues either, in fact most don’t know I even had wls and assume I’ve always been thin. I just like it that way 🙂