There’s NO excuse for drinking a nasty protein shake

Like for real. There isn’t. So if you are…STOP IT!!!

Now this video took forever and three days to save to my computer (and another seven to save to this blog–even after compressing!) so you have to be kind and watch it. 🙂 After all the hoopla I realized I cut out the last scene in the damn thing. We are a work in progress!

Here is the recipe for the shake I made:
Protein Mudslide

8 oz. skim milk, 1 scoop Chocolate whey, 5-ish pumps sugar-free Kahlua syrup (2 tbsp), 5-8 cubes of ice.

Directions: Put in blender. Whiz. Pour in glass. Slurp. That is all.
No wait…it’s not:
Edited to add:

A few things that I forgot in the heat of my annoyance at my computer!

Ok, a few folks have asked me about what blender I use or recommend. I personally own a Hamilton Beach blender which was of the $19.99 variety that works very well. My mother, on the other hand, owns one that is a bit more expensive but it crushes stuff WITHOUT you having to keep your hand on the button (which is a big plus cuz…you know…you got stuff to do…)

I’ve also been asked about what syrups would be good starters. Personally, I think the basics are: vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, and raspberry. Some of my favorite specialty flavors are: Kahlua, Peanut Butter, Coconut, and German Chocolate Cake (which I only tasted once but boy was it yummy!).

Lastly, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Click! For those of you who don’t know what Click is or what to do with it, stay tuned as this is the next frontier in our shake exploration. To be fair, Click has caffeine in it, though, so I’m also going to post a good alternative for newbies for whom caffeine is generally one of the bigger no-no’s. But in very exciting news…Click is now being sold through Amazon! They are currently out of stock, but you can still lock in your canisters at the sale price of $20.88 (a $3-5 savings depending on where you usually get it) and they will ship when they have it available. And they are offering free two-day shipping on Click purchases which saves you even more!

That really is all for today. I been busy trying to get next week’s video recipe in the right place. Once it is done, you are going to love it!

Next week we start to tackle real food. That is…if I don’t shoot the computer first.

Until next time Bariatric Americans!


  1. Great video!! Thanks so much for sharing. I have to find the Kahlua syrup because drinking protein has been a real chore for this newbie post op lately.

  2. Thank you for the post about the protein shake I'm 4 days post-op and am at loss for getting in the protein. The lady at the hospital said that I shouldn't be eating cheese right now. Do you have any thoughts on what I should have other than the protein shakes and drinks. What type of food. I ate an egg today. I enjoyed how you presented everything you are very "real" thank you for the time you put into this. Until next time, Where do you find the sugar free flavors? pattie

  3. Hey Pattie,

    Glad you enjoyed the demo! I'd say your best bet is unflavored yogurt like Greek yogurt or small curd cottage cheese. Get the sugar free yogurt and flavor it yourself. Same with cottage cheese. Don't get fruit on the bottom. For syrups, go to either or to check out all the sugar free flavors but DON'T buy from there. It's more expensive. I like Netrition (scroll down and you'll see the search box for Netrition here where you can look things up). Here's my top 10 list of syrups to check out

  4. This is a great video! You cracked me up at the end with your shoutout to George Washington Carver. 🙂

  5. I was hoping to find a comparison of the various protein shakes here, but the only one I see mentioned is the Body Fortress 2lb Chocolate Whey Protein linked to in the recipes. Do you have a comparison like that anywhere?

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