The Bariatric Foodie 2013 “Year in Review”

It’s time for…The Bariatric Foodie Year in Review!!!!
(What? You’re not as excited as I am? I’m hurt!)

This is where I run down YOUR favorite posts of the year (according to how many
times you viewed them) along with some of my favorite selections, in a
convenient, month-by-month format.

You guys were crushing on my Cinnamon-Raisin
Protein Baked Oatmeal
(and I kinda am right now too…I need to make some of
that!). I also celebrated my five
year “surgiversary”
and did my customary reflections on another year

February always has been – and always will be – about The
Bariatric Foodie Pledge
! Congrats to Joy Muller, who was last year’s grand
prize winner
! This year promises to be even bigger and better so stay tuned
– 2014 Pledge starts February 2!

We continued to replace super-fatty and sugary seasonal
drinks with healthier versions with my Shamrock
! We also tried the then-brand spanking new Quest
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar
(and a few of you won some for yourselves!)
and we talked about the ever elusive subject of maintenance.

In April I shared my feelings about the “Five
Day Pouch Test
” (and other quack-fad diets that don’t work!). Fellow Foodie
Selby also shared her Jerk
Shrimp & Quinoa
. YUM!

I went to VEGAS BABY!!! Thanks to Quest Nutrition I got to
represent the Foodie Nation at the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America’s
annual Meet & Greet (wherein I made Carnie Wilson cry). It was quite a trip. Read my recap (parts one
and two)!

In addition to this being the month I visited five states in
five days trying to get to FitBloggin’ in Portland, OR (thanks Spirit Airlines
for leaving me stranded in Dallas, by the way!), it was also the month we
discovered the fun of Spagilli,
Theresa taught us how to make cauliflower
and we did our very first Amazon
review giveaway
for the Bariatric
Foodie Guide to Perfect Protein Shakes

In July I hosted a bariatric barbecue for anyone who wanted
to swing by. It was potluck and we had a lot of good contributions, including Berry
Quinoa Salad
, Spinach
Crustless Quiche
, Jerk
Shrimp & Quinoa Salad
and my Buffalo
. YUMMY! We also had our very first cooking contest, the “Bariatric
Foodie Play With My Food Contest.”
This resulted in a kick-arse digital cookbook you can download for FREE by
visiting the “Shop
Yeah don’t ask me what’s going on with my face there. Melting Mama seems to have a penchant for capturing images of me with crazy faces.

In August I attended the Obesity Action Coalition’s “Your
Weight Matters” Convention in Phoenix, AZ (on Delta, thankyouverymuch!) and
learned so much. This event was super special because YOU guys sent me (by
ordering from the “Shop BF” page and buying the shake book), so it was only fair
that I (hyper)Facebooked and Tweeted the entire conference. I also did
some good recaps
. If you liked the coverage, consider sending me again in

Here’s where the memory in my head gets blurry. Because I
personally was in Holiday
Survival Kit
mode (while simultaneously entrenched in writing The
Bariatric Foodie Holiday Survival Guide
AND starting grad school!) but
you guys had other stuff going on! Like White
Cheddar Cheesy Mashed Cauliflower
. And
all things pumpkin
, like the pumpkin chili, pictured!

We talked meatloaf,
Double Chocolate Chunk Bars
and many other yummy things. That was actually
the “calm before the storm” for me. The next month would bring…

The delivery of the kits! Oy. That was a job. But it was
well worth it for the great feedback I got. Folks really seemed to enjoy them.
YAY! We also sorta crushed on a certain WLS-friendly cheesecake
Of course December was all about giving back with the
Bariatric Foodie “Season of Giving” Giveaways. And they’re not over yet! There’s
still time to enter this
week’s drawing
for BariMelts bariatric vitamins and then there’s one more
giveaway next week!

THANK YOU for another great year at Bariatric Foodie. That’s
just a highlight of all the fun we had and there’s more to come in 2014. So
until the ball drops…keep playing with your food!
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