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The Quest of the Bariatric Foodie (Part Three)

This could be YOURS! Read on to find out how.  Man…this has been the most fun product review EVER! I’m sort of tentative about reviews. I know what I like and what I don’t like (most of the time) so trying something new can be a bit stressful. But this one has been an absolute pleasure! For my last …

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The Quest of the Bariatric Foodie (Part Two)

 Recap for those just joining in: I got me some Quest bars to review! I’m doing two at a time (there are six bars total) and at the end of the reviews Quest is going to give one of YOU a free box! But you need to read the reviews to do well in the contest so…read the reviews. …

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The Quest of the Bariatric Foodie (Part One)

It seems Bariatric Foodie has entered a new era, an exciting era! Companies that make products that can benefit us WLS-folk are starting to contact me, asking if I’d like to try their products for review! Excuse me for being a bit tickled by this. You have to understand where I am coming from on this. I started this blog …

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