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Food for Thought: My Success is More Than A Number on a Scale!

I shared a guest post I wrote on the blog of Dr. Arya Sharma. Shortly after, I gott an email that said the following: “How much did you weigh before? What do you weigh now? How tall are you?” No hi. No “this is who I am and this is why I am asking.” So let’s put aside for a moment …

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Food for Thought: Five Truths About the Bariatric Community

The other day I decided to write down the assumptions on which I moderate Bariatric Foodie, in general. I think it’s a good exercise to make sure what you think you believe is what you actually believe. So here goes. I operate on the assumption that: #1 – You are all adults. You know how to make good decisions for yourself …

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Food for Thought: The Truth About Self-Love

One of the big contradictions I see in our community is this. We are all about getting healthier so we can love ourselves. Yet…by most objective measures most of us…don’t. We don’t love ourselves. When I ask on here for folks to say something they like about themselves, many times folks feel compelled to throw in a negative with the …

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