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Why I Like Chike (And You Should Too!)

This week’s Bariatric Foodie Pledge sponsor is Chike Nutrition. I’ve had the opportunity to sample several of Chike’s protein flavors and I thought I’d give you a snapshot of what I thought of them so that if YOU are one of this week’s three lucky winners, you’ll have some help deciding which one you want! Unfortunately I’ve only published a …

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What’s the difference between Click, Fit Frappe and Chike Protein Iced Coffee?

Back when I was a lil’ baby post-op, there weren’t that many options for coffee flavored protein drinks. Thankfully I was born into a few, but nothing like the explosion we’re seeing now. Today, post-ops have: Click Big Train’s Fit Frappe Chike Protein Iced Coffee Nectar Cappuccino ProJoe And probably 17 others I haven’t mentioned but that you all swear …

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BF Product Review: Chike Protein Iced Coffee

Chike! Iced Coffee! Review! Let’s do this. The 360 So whenever I am trying something new, I always do the 360 first. Gives me an opportunity to see how well it is packaged and I TRY to look at it from the perspective of someone who may not be quite familiar with food product packaging. From the front of the single-serve …

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