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Nik’s Zesty Skillet Mushroom Chicken

Better pic forthcoming…I promise! I made it yesterday for tonights dinner which…hasn’t happened yet.  I’ve found, in my experience, that people either love mushrooms or they hate them. Every once in a while I’ll run into the rare person who says, “Enhhh, I can take them or leave them,” but again…that’s pretty rare. Me? Definitely on Team Mushroom! I …

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Chicken Enchiladas 2012

 My New Year’s Resolution (if you can call it that) is cleaning up the blog a bit. There are posts where I promise to post a picture later that I never did or an additional recipe that I never did. If you see any of these posts please, please, PLEASE hit me up. I need to fix it! So …

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Buffalo Chicken Salad

~by Nikki Shown on a lightly salted rice cake, this chicken salad gets me over my “wing night” cravings!  We often tell you all to play with your food. Well, I thought I’d show you how I take our own advice! This recipe was originally posted by my friend Shari (who someday will have her own awesome website with …

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BF Family Style: Nik’s Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap

 We’ve begun to post kid-friendly recipes, but not very many things geared toward the whole family. My family is my kids and I, but I realize some of you have hungry spouses who want to eat well too. My kids and I used to be McDonald’s fanatics before surgery (I stopped being one when I read “Fast Food Nation,” the divas …

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Chicken Quinoa Vegetable Soup

~~posted by Jen Quinoa and chicken and veggies, oh my! Beef Barley soup was one of my “go to” recipes in my pre-op life when we were having people over on a Fall or Winter weekend. It was delicious and always a crowd pleaser, but I needed to change it a bit to fit my new post-op eating plan. I …

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