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Peppermint Mocha Protein Pudding

This is one of those desserts that so good it makes me want to cuss when I taste it. (Cuss? Yes, cuss!) I took one spoonful of this deliciousness and said to myself, “Hot DAMN, that’s good!” (Risque, I know…) But the beauty of this little dessert also lies in how simple it is to make. I mean seriously. This …

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Mint Chocolate Protein Pots de Creme

So when I say “Pots de Creme” you may be¬†thinking one of three things: “Nik, you’ve gone bougie!” “What the hell is a ‘Pots de Creme?'” “I am a chef/cook/French/food snob and I do not believe that this can be achieved.” Let’s talk this out. So #1 – yeah, I’ll admit, it’s sort of a bougie thing to say you …

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