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Low-Carb Ramekin Shepherd’s Pie

Here’s another idea to throw onto the heap. I love cooking with ramekins. It’s so fun! You can make a perfect portion (by purchasing the ramekin size that suits you), it’s easy to ditch starches (like pie crust in this instance) and they are just darn cute, don’t you agree? I love Shepherd’s Pie. And I even love it without …

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Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli Bake

  Ah…fall. I love it! Some folks get down during fall because it’s the gateway to winter. Not me! No, no. I love, love, love fall. (But I hate winter.) Especially because after many long weeks of avoiding my oven like the plague I can turn it back on! (I don’t have central AC…the struggle is real!) So in honor of …

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