How to Share Bariatric Foodie Recipes

So you’ve found a recipe on Bariatric Foodie, you’ve tried it, you loved it (or at least that’s how it goes in my head). Now you want to tell the world about it. So you copy the recipe, do a right-click “save as” on the photo and prepare to wow the world with this great new recipe you’ve found.


Bariatric Foodie recipes are available for your use and for the use of anyone who wants to check them out. However, there’s a right and a wrong way to share my recipes, or any recipe from a food blog in general. Why is this important? For a few reasons:

  1. When you share recipes correctly, you show respect for the blogger who worked hard to create, photograph and publish the recipe.
  2. Recipe photos and instructions are protected as intellectual property and sharing them in an unlawful way can have negative consequences.
  3. Just like when we were in school, we want to make absolute sure we give credit where credit is due. Improperly sharing recipes from blogs is a form of plagiarism, which in general isn’t cool!

So here’s my quick guide on the best ways to share Bariatric Foodie’s recipes.

You may:

  • Share a link to a Bariatric Foodie recipe on any forum including Facebook, Twitter or other websites. When you share links on Facebook and Twitter, you will automatically share the photo from the recipe post and that’s fine.
  • Share a pin of my recipe to Pinterest by copying the URL of the recipe and letting Pinterest grab the image. That way when folks click on the image it leads them back to the original recipe, on Bariatric Foodie.

You may not:

  • Distribute photos with complete recipes to anyone outside yourself.
  • Reproduce Bariatric Foodie recipes as part of any collection for which I, Nik, have not given advance permission.

Here’s how that plays out. It’s perfectly fine to compile recipes for yourself for a binder or a book that you personally use. However, distributing those recipes to others or making up sheets of recipes and distributing them to others would be prohibited. Also prohibited would be the inclusion of Bariatric Foodie recipes in compilations such as support group recipe books without permission.

The important part of that is without permission. If you are a support group leader who wants to share Bariatric Foodie recipes, I support that! Please email me at and I will help you find a way to share recipes with your group.

Thank you!

Thanks for your adherence to these guidelines. They help to ensure that Bariatric Foodie can remain a healthy and thriving website focused on the needs of th #FoodieNation, encouraging post-ops (and the people who love them) to “play with their food!”


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