Hey, Nik, whatcha eating today?

Happy Friday, Foodies!
Just thought I’d post this tidbit today about one of my fave
places to go to lunch: Jimmy John’s. Do you have one near you?
If I had to describe them in a sentence I’d say they are “the Subway for
Foodies” (both post-op and non-op). Don’t get me wrong I love Subway. But man…Jimmy John’s is a whole other monster!
First off, they specialize in the sandwich. No salads or other stuff. Just the straight dope. They got all kinds of sandwiches. They have simple sandwiches, big sandwiches, little sandwiches, fancier sandwiches…and this thing here, which is what I get. What is it?

It’s called an Un-wich. Jimmy John’s will make any of their
sandwiches into an Un-wich for you. Basically they just wrap your sandwich fixins up in big old
pieces of lettuce but with the same fillings everyone else gets (unless you tell
them otherwise). And it’s ready in just mere minutes!
On a big pouch day I can eat this whole guy. On other days I
cut it in half and go at as much as I can and save the rest for later.
For those who have a “JJ’s” near you, check them out. If
not, this is totally do-able at home (and you can even make it “you”-sized!).

My tips for a good homemade Unwich:

  • For post-ops: Use Bibb lettuce for a truly “you-sized” deal
  • If you use Iceberg, use the outer leaves if you can tolerate them (not the top-top ones you peel off…just under…they are sturdy!)
  • Don’t try to overstuff. Keep it simple!
  • And for goodness sakes…don’t negate the health effects with condiments! 300 calories of mayo more than replaces the bread you ditched, k?
Happy muching!


  1. Oh I wish there was one close to me!

  2. My fave before surgery was the Italian Night Club unwhich. I was trying to live without bread before it was a necessity…lol. I haven't tried one since, but now I might have too!! LOL. So yummy!