Celebrate Vitamins Challenge Links

To help you stay on top of the challenge, so you can learn all about vitamins and have a chance at the big grand prize (a year of free vitamins!), here are some helpful links.

Daily Lessons + Homework

Here are the lessons for each day of the challenge. These will be updated each day of the challenge as new lessons become available:

Remember, if you do all the homework you will be entered to win the challenge grand prize – a FREE year of vitamins! It’s ok if you get them done a little late as long as you get them done by July 30! 

Cheat Sheets

Celebrate has generously provided us with cheat sheets with the ASMBS recommendations by surgery type. They are posted in the Facebook group, but here’s a direct link to each:

These are pictures, so once you click through, tap and hold the photo to save it to your photo gallery (on mobile) or right-click and choose “Save As” (desktop/laptop). Celebrate is working on making these into printable PDFs.

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