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Foodie Fitness Corner: Nik’s Review of the Body Pump Workout

(Check out last month’s article: Hillery’s Guide to Spin Class!)  Nik’s Guide to Body Pump Body Pump. What the heck is it? And how exactly (outside the realm of our pre-pubescent perverted thoughts) does one pump one’s body? Well I’m here to break it all down for you. Because as intimidating as this class may look, it’s not that bad. Well…not …

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Foodie Fitness Corner: Hillery’s Guide to Spin Class!

(Also check out: Stay Safe During Summer Workouts!)  Spinning Out of Control! Workout clothes? Check! Adventurous attitude? Check! Body Media Fit to measure how much this is all burning? Check!  Over on Obesity Help, there are tons of people that always post about how great spin class is (not to mention the great calorie burn).  I’ll be honest….I didn’t believe them.  You see …

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Foodie Fitness Corner: Stay Safe During Summer Workouts!

Hello, Foodie Nation! My name is Hillery and I am 11-months post-op from RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery and I’m pleased to be your Foodie Fitness Correspondent. Admittedly, I am NOT a professional trainer or exercise physiologist (I don’t even play one on TV) but I am an enthusiast who is willing to share my experiences so far and even try …

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BF Top 5: Fitness Games for Xbox with Kinect and Wii

~by Nikki Raise your hand if you are one of the many Americans who received an Xbox with Kinect for Christmas (raises hand on behalf of the divas). I was once vehemently opposed to game systems, but this is a nice accompaniment to our existing Nintendo Wii. The intention of this post is not a review of the system, but …

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