BF Basics: Carb Confusion!

A person stands up in their weight-loss surgery support group and proudly proclaims, “I have successfully maintained my weight loss because I don’t eat ANY carbs!”

The support group leader smiles and asks, “Do you eat fruits? Vegetables? Dairy products?”

The person smiles and says, “Of course! But I don’t eat carbs!”

This is actually a (99.9%) true story a support group leader recently told me. It summarizes well why Bariatric Foodie is doing this little series on carbohydrates. When we have weight loss surgery, we are told, “Protein is king of all nutrients! Eat nothing before protein!”

Well that’s all well and good but it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to avoid carbohydrates. And that’s for good reason.

In this series we’re going to discuss what carbohydrates are, how they behave in your body, why you need them (yes, even simple ones from time to time) and give some pointers on how to manage carbohydrates in a well balanced eating plan.

So check back each day this week as we go through the following topics:

Part 1 – So what the hell is a carb anyway?
Part 2 – Simple vs. Complex: Why it’s not that simple.
Part 3 – A time for every carb…
Part 4 – Net Carbs & Fiber: YOU do the math.
Part 5 – Making it all work on YOUR plan

Along with this series, this week’s recipes will show you better ways to approach carbs in your daily meal plans.

So…sit back…relax…and let’s get CARBY!!!