BF Top 5: WLS Kitchen Essentials!

~~posted by Jen
There are a few tools/gadgets/appliances that every post-op WLS kitchen needs. Granted, you may not need the absolutely obscene amount of kitchen gear that I have. “Hi, my name is Jen, and I am a kitchen gadget addict.” At this time I am not aware of a 12 step program for my gadget mania, but hope springs eternal. 
I digress!! Back to my point, and I do have one. A couple of “not your usual kitchen gear” things really make cooking as a post-op much easier. For example, I never had a ramekin set until after WLS. Not that I didn’t *want* one, just that I couldn’t really justify it pre-op. (They don’t call me “Jenny Justification” for nothing!) So, in no particular order, I give you the top 5 essential kitchen equipment items for your post-op cooking pleasure!
1.) A Ramekin Set. This Creme Brulee set is probably one of the most used things in my kitchen these days. I make individual desserts in the ramekins, or bake egg custards and keep them in the fridge for grab and go protein meals. It’s perfect for portion control. The pan doubles as a regular 9×9 baking pan (great for homemade protein bars) so this is like 2 products in one!
2.) A good coffeemaker. I love the Keurig because you can make coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate in single servings. I’m watching my caffeine intake (as most of us are), which makes the single serve maker a smarter option for me. Best of all, I can make my 1 cup of regular coffee, then immediately follow it with a cup of decaf. Bam, back to back! Well worth the investment.
3.) Measuring cups and spoons are absolutely essential post-op. It takes awhile before you can accurately “eyeball” a portion size. This is a high quality set that holds up well over time. I still have some TupperWare measuring cups that my Momma bought back in the ’70’s and they’ve had quite a workout over the years. Not to mention they’re almost as old as me!!

This set has dry measuring cups for measuring things like Splendaor Carbquik

You’ll also need liquid measuring cups I love these angled ones from Oxo! They’re super easy to use and the angle makes it MUCH simpler to read. Particularly when baking or measuring out your portion sizes, accurate measurement is critical.
4.) A good sturdy blender. I have the Ninja, and I like it much better than the Magic Bullet I’ve managed to blow up a couple of Bullets over the years, because I use my blender SO much. At least twice a day, usually more often than that. The cool thing about this one is it also has a mini chopper Again it’s two items in one and a much less expensive alternative to buying the bullet and chopper separately, because you save almost $20. Gotta Love it!
5.) A food scale. I love love LOVE this one because it computes the nutrition stats for you. That sure makes it easier when you’re developing recipes, let me tell ya! Not to mention newer post-ops who are just learning about stats, reading labels, and all that fun stuff. Great for weighing portions of meat/fish/poultry so you know EXACTLY how much protein you’re getting for the serving. It took me a few months to be able to eyeball an ounce of meat or chicken. I would never have survived without my food scale, no kidding. 
There you have it, a few of the most important things you’ll need to outfit your kitchen for your new, healthy post-op WLS lifestyle. Don’t just sit there, gear up and go play with your food, people!