BF Top 5: Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Yes, it is the butt-crack of dawn. It’s early. I know. But I also know you’re going out shopping today for Thanksgiving stuff and I want you to have these recipes before you do that!!!

So as your public servant, I offer you the following super-yummy dessert ideas for Thanksgiving. (Click the title of the dish to get the recipe)

“Apple Brown Nik” (Apple Crumble)

As you’ll read in the post, this is a dessert I advertised as both healthy AND sugar-free and it still got pilfered! Maybe it’s the fresh mix of tangy apples, fall spices and crunchy topping that drew them to my apple crumble. All I know is that this year I am making an extra one for me and hiding it behind a fruit cake!!!

Pumpkin Turtle Cheesecake Trifle

This one is a confection of former BF co-author Jen. I like trifles because you get all the good stuff you want but not too much of any of it (provided you only visit the trifle bowl once. This one is a good Thanksgiving, fallsy one.

Mocha Forest Trifle

So good…it doesn’t even need a trifle bowl!

Speaking of trifles…I came up with one of my own. Now if you don’t feel adept at making protein cake, there is such a thing as sugar-free Devil’s Food cake (Pillsbury makes it).

Banana Pudding (Pie)

It’s not just for Elvis!!! This pie will take you straight back to the old school banana pudding…without the food baby afterward. (I’m just sayin’)


I’m always a big fan of cheesecake. This can be made with or without protein – your choice! The protein melds kind of seemlessly for what it’s worth. Don’t worry about perfection, either. Buy a few cans of no-sugar added cherry pie filling and slap that on top! (NOTE: The attached recipe is for a banana cheesecake. Simply omit the banana part and the base recipe works just fine!)

Now are you convinced that there are good eats for you at Thanksgiving too????

No? Well then stay tuned tomorrow for my sugar-free roasted sweet potato pie recipe (with protein!). It’s divine! So while you’re out shopping today…pick up 4-5 good sized sweet potatoes and meet me back here tomorrow, k?

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'm 4 wks post-op & I was wondering what I was going to take to my sister's for the family dinner. You have been a God send to me. Thanks again. I'm glad God gave you the heart for this ministry. God bless & Happy Thanksgiving to all!