BF Top 5: Nik’s Dream Easter Basket

BUNNIES! In EGGS! OMG my head is gonna explode from the cuteness of it all!!!

In a way I think it’s good that the dark forces kept me from posting today’s Easter treat. I’ll get it photo’d and up for you tomorrow for sure (it’s actually a treat that’s fun to make with the kiddos on Easter and doesn’t require any extraordinary purchases). I was planning on posting THIS tomorrow, but it all works out because now you can print this post and…um…Scotch tape it to your spouse’s forehead. Yeah…they’ll DEFINITELY take the hint if you do that.

If anyone in this world were to make ME an Easter basket of post-op yummies, these are the things I would most want in it. In no particular order (and the links take you to the product so you can see it. Order it if you like [if you do part of the proceeds support this blog!] but I intentionally picked stuff you can [probably] get locally).

#5 – Chef Jay’s Lite Bites Cookies

What are they: Protein cookies that actually taste like COOKIES!

Where can you get them: The Vitamin Shoppe carries them

Nik’s favorite flavor: C’mon…do you have to ask…Peanut butter!!!

#4 – MiO Water Enahancer

What is it: a concentrated liquid water flavoring that tastes a lot like Crystal Light WITHOUT the cumbersome powder

Where can you get it: Wal-Mart, drink aisle, eye level shelf. 🙂

Nik’s favorite flavor: Mango Peach Baby!!!

#3 – Sugar Free Peeps

Where can you get them: Some Wal-Marts and drug stores

Best use: Do NOT eat a lot of these. Your family, the world and the environment will thank you for that. I personally like to microwave them until they get gooey and sprinkle a few sugar-free chocolate chips and some Fiber One crumbs to get some deconstructed s’more action going. I also use them for other treats that I will be posting in the near future. Two words though: cream filling. That’s your ONLY hint.

#2 – (Shameless Self Promotion) A batch of Nik’s sugar-free coconut macaroons!!!

What are they: DUH!

How can YOU get them: by following this simple recipe!

#1 – (Ok, so I lied…this one is #1 on purpose) Peanut Butter Cup Oh Yeah! Wafers!!!!

What are they: here’s my review. Says it MUCH better than I can right now. Droooooool….

Where can I find them locally: Again, I look to my friends at the Vitamin Shoppe

Where to send Nik some: Call 555-…sigh…as if…