BF Basics: Roasting Part 2: Meats & Poultry

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Yesterday in Part 1, we learned all about roasting vegetables, so today we’ll cover roasting meats, seafood, and poultry. Roasting meats is no more complicated than roasting vegetables, although the cook time is a bit longer in some cases, except seafood.

The tools and ingredients you’ll need are the same, with the exception of some additional spices & produce you might want to have on hand.

Additional Seasonings/Produce for Roasting Meats & Poultry:
Montreal Steak Seasoning
Adobo Powder
Seasoning Salt
Paula Deen’s Butt Massage (for pork)Onions
Whole Garlic Cloves
Fresh Herbs (Rosemary, Thyme, Italian Parsley)
Celery Stalks

I’ll start by covering one of my absolute favorite roasted proteins: shrimp. Shrimp are super easy to roast, and it makes a quick and healthy WLS-friendly meal. Once you taste them roasted, you’ll never go back to boiled again!

Roasted Shrimp with Roasted Brussels Sprouts

To roast shrimp you follow the BF Basics Instructions for Roast vegetables from yesterday, except you only roast them for 5 minutes at 400 degrees. That’s it! Perfect party food for a crowd, if you catch a good sale on shrimp.

You CAN roast scallops, but in my opinion they are just better seared on the stove, so don’t bother. Oysters you can roast in the shell right on the grill, I’ve never attempted them in the oven but see no reason why you couldn’t. They’ll pop open when they’re done, as will mussels or clams.

Roasting poultry, whether chicken or turkey, follows the same basic method. The rule of thumb is 22 minutes per pound at 400 degrees, or 25 minutes per pound at 350. I have detailed, step by step instructions in my Perfect Roast Chicken post. I use the same method for turkey as for chicken, and it turns out moist, juicy, and delicious every time.

Beef and pork, I usually tend to roast larger, less expensive cuts of each. My favorite cut of beef to roast in the oven is beef brisket. Not corned beef!  It’s the same cut of meat, without the brine/curing that corned beef has.

The best method to cook brisket in the oven is what I call “Low and Slow”, you can also use this method for large cuts of pork such as pork shoulder (substitute Paula Deen’s Butt Massage seasoning for the Steak Seasoning & Adobo).

Preheat the oven to 225 degrees. Rinse off the brisket and lightly pat it dry, you want it a bit damp so the seasoning mix will stick. Combine equal parts Montreal Steak Seasoning and Adobo Powder in a small bowl. Sprinkle liberally over the brisket and massage it in. (Yes, I said rub your meat, get your minds outta the gutter!)

Make sure to season all sides. Place the roast in a graniteware covered oval roaster and put the lid on. Roast at 225 degrees for 6 to 8 hours. The meat will be juicy, succulent, and fall apart. No knives needed!

If your family likes barbecue, shred the meat (whether beef or pork) and use your favorite BBQ sauce. Perfect way to use up the leftovers!

Questions, need help? Hit us up via email, or leave a comment below and we’ll holla back!

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