…And then there were three (bon-bons that is)

~by Nikki

Bon-bon madness is catching on. Have you made yours yet? No? Well maybe a nice testimonial from our friend Lucia in Rhode Island might convince you. She says:

I love this recipe! To shake the pieces of banana in, I didn’t have any of the things you listed. So I took some Fiber One twigs and a little cocoa powder and (somewhat) pulverized them in the food processor. This mix worked fine. Also the only syrup I had on hand was SF chocolate. So mine are nice and chocolaty!

And they look like it too. Thanks Lucia!

In other news, I think Jen just coined the latest in a LONG list of Pouch Party sayings. We have quite a few because, as a company, we have to be able to describe what we do in a few words. Here’s a few that we already have going:

  • “Cooking Big, On a Small Scale”
  • “Your surgeon tells you how to eat, we show you what to eat.”
  • “There’s no excuse for making a nasty protein shake!”
  • “There’s NO food that can’t be made weight loss surgery friendly!”

Those are all nice, but Jen said something yesterday that so perfectly described our goal at Bariatric Foodie that I nearly fell out of my chair when I read it. Wait for it…wait for it…

“Play with your food people! And then let us see what you did.”

Sounds simple but THAT is what we hope you’ll do with our recipes. Play with them. Take out things you don’t like and replace them with what you do like. Add some more stuff to them if you want to. We’re always here to answer your questions and we love, love, love when you send us pictures of your BF-inspired creations. Truth be told, we love to see what you’re cooking in general. So if you came up with something really great that you want to share, hit us up!

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