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The Bariatric Foodie Survival Guide to Whole Foods

~by Nikki So I’ve heard this joke made several times about calling Whole Foods “whole paycheck.” Yeah, the place is a bit pricey. And for those of you who are near a Trader Joe’s you probably laugh in the face of Whole Foods. But the place has some merits, in my humble opinion, for several reasons: There are some things …

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The BF Survival Guide to Aldi

We get asked where we like to shop for food a lot. Not to let all our personal business out there, but neither Jen nor I are wealthy. Starting a business takes money (MD/VA/DC/DE/NJ/NY folks…holla if you want to help us with that by hosting a Pouch Party™ at YOUR support group!) and we are just crazy enough to be …

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What Nik WON’T be eating at the Labor Day BBQ

~by Nikki BBQ’s can be a prelude to disaster y’all! But they don’t have to be. You can survive the family barbecue this Labor Day! Aside from strategy, though, you have to make some decisions for yourself before the event. What to bring, what you’ll eat that others bring. And, more importantly, what you WON’T. Here’s what yours truly WON’T …

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BF Survival Guide to getting through summer barbeques

BF Barbecue, circa 2013. I look kinda like a zombie in this picture, but I really was having fun! So it’s almost barbecue season. And some of you may be stressed out. For a number of reasons. Maybe you: Aren’t yet sure what foods you can tolerate and don’t want to get sick in front of others. Haven’t shared your …

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BF Survival Guide: Buffet Restaurants

by Nikki In general, we are not big fans of “the buffet.” Doesn’t matter which one you name, all buffets have one thing in common for post-WLS patients: they are NOT cost effective. And in most buffets the food is greasy or fried or–much, much worse–un-“stat-able” (translation: you can’t tell how many calories is in it. If you are pre-op …

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