Nik’s Film Debut

Unfortunately Idris Elba was not involved. But hey…someday maybe?

Several weeks ago I was asked to take part in a series of “docu-mercials” for my Bariatric Program at St. Agnes Hospital. I gladly said yes! I regard my surgeon, Dr. Kuldeep Singh, and his staff as the very first guides on the pathway to the life I now enjoy. Doing this commercial is the least I could do in return!

Here’s some cool outtakes from the shooting of the commercial.

 Me trying to look like I am NOT mortified that my house is a hot mess. Thankfully they staged the interview area well cuz I THINK you can’t tell from the video.
 This lady set things up and made sure I stayed “un-lintyfied”

 This gentleman did the lights and the sound.
And this gentleman (who, as it turns out has a brother who used to work for the same organization I do now!) interviewed me, although you don’t hear or see him in the final spot. 

Thanks to the film crew and staff for drawing intelligent words out of me and to my dog, Benji, for just being plumb adorable!

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