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Apple-Pecan Chicken Salad

I need y’all to know, photographing recipes as the days get shorter, and especially after daylight savings time ends, is the STRUGGLE! If it doesn’t get done on the weekend, it takes forever to get done, which is why I promised you more apple recipes a full month ago…and I’m just now doing it. So let’s revisit what we’ve already …

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Yummy Fall Pork & Apple Stew

Hey you! Yes you. Rabid pumpkin people. You can keep your pumpkin, mkay? Cuz I’m alllllllllll about the apples. And they have hit my local farmers market in the biggest way. YASSSSSS! Pink ladies and Braeburn and MacIntosh and Honeycrisp and Jonagold and, and, and… Yeah. Y’all can keep the pumpkin. Imma be over here cracking out on apples. In …

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