I’m a Bariatric Foodie and…

I am also a WLS experience blogger! My name is
I had RNY gastric bypass surgery in December
2011 and have lost more than 100 lbs so far.
My blog, My Journey to Fit and Fabulous,
focuses on my experience from pre-op (deciding
to begin the pre-op program) all the way through to my current life as a
post op patient.
As it occurs, I talk about my struggles
and successes, physical changes, mental changes, family  relationship
quirks, and amusing things that I would have never experienced if I had
not had RNY. There’s always something happening to write about.

I started the blog as just a place for me to get
things out of my head. No one close to me had WLS before, so I was
somewhat on my own trying to get my head around my new life. Since then,
some people have

stumbled across my blog and seem to enjoy it. I
enjoy knowing that people find what I write to be real, relatable, and
Here’s my advice if you’d also like to be a WLS
experience blogger. Be truthful to your audience! Some parts of post-op life,
especially early on, aren’t so pleasant. But sugar-coating things so as not to
scare off potential WLSers does a disservice to them and to your experience.

So if you are pre-op and looking for an open account of the post-op life or if you’re a post-op looking to relate, check out my blog

Are YOU a “Bariatric Foodie and…” If you’re doing something unique or fun to make your post-op life work, share it with your fellow Foodies by emailing your story to bariatricfoodie@yahoo.com.