CyberFit with Nik!

Hey there! Thanks so much for joining me for CyberFit with Nik. This is a bonus provided just for you as a reward for completing Week 1 of the Bariatric Foodie Pledge!

This workout is brought to you by CyberFit. You can learn more about CyberFit by visiting And to get a FREE one-on-one demo of the service, click the “contact” link and email owner Gary Siegel with the subject line, “Bariatric Foodie Pledge free demo.”

In this workout, we show you six moves – 2 are beginner, 2 are intermediate, and 2 are advanced. You are welcome to join along or just watch! If you are joining along, be sure you have been cleared by your doctor for exercise. This workout is about 30 minutes long and uses two hand weights (if you don’t have weights, it’s ok to just not use them).

Week 3 Workout – Legs

(Run Time – 27:38)

Week 2 Workout – Arms

(Run Time – 32:45)

Week 1 Workout – Total Body

(Run time – 33:06)


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