BF Inspiration: Dinner for Breakfast?

You know sometimes it seems like Facebook is the center of the world. I certainly post a LOT of things there on the Bariatric Foodie page, including daily discussion topics, quickie product reviews and, occasionally, really good ideas that I should also post here on the blog!

So I resolve to get better about that. I posted the above yesterday and I thought it was important to post here because I hear a lot of folks wonder about breakfast. Some of you just don’t like breakfast food and especially not the breakfast food choices you have after weight-loss surgery.

I post this not to tell you all to eat THIS for breakfast but to think outside the breakfast box! Nobody said you have to eat breakfast food for breakfast. You should, however, eat a nutritious meal to start out your day. People who eat breakfast (and further, those who do so relatively close to waking up) burn calories at a higher rate than those who do not. Click here to read all about how eating breakfast can help your weight loss!

If you are a person whose pouch hates food in the morning, take heart. The good news is this: to the human body, both quantity and composition aren’t as important as getting calories. Here’s what that means. Even if you only eat a little of something (or drink a little of something with nutrients and calories), it will break the fast you’ve held since dinner last night (hence “breakfast”) and you get some metabolic benefits. And especially if you work out in the morning, you should consider having something to properly fuel you. Tired and undernourished bodies are more prone to accidents and injuries!

S’anyway, that’s my breakfast spiel. Now…what the HELL is that a picture of? It was my Sunday breakfast which was a serving of my Turkey TVP chili (which I made EXTRA spicy since I was home alone this weekend) with one pan-fried egg, over medium, on top).

My chili is low-fat, high protein (especially with the addition of TVP – click here if you need to know what TVP is!) and has good, complex carbs. The egg adds a bit of fat back but makes it feel like a “breakfasty” indulgence. To me, egg yolk on nearly anything savory is a great thing. Your mileage may vary.

So…tell me. How do you keep things exciting at breakfast? Share your ideas! I can guarantee there’s a Foodie out there who needs some inspiration.