Back on Track Toolkit (2018 Update – PDF Format)


It happens to all of us. Bad habits sneak back in and knock you off course. This toolkit – written by a post-op who has “been there, done that” – will lead you through the critical first steps to getting back on track with your healthy lifestyle. Because you’re not alone. Bariatric Foodie has your back!



Let’s face it. Lifestyle change is hard. So it’s perfectly human that we make mistakes and fall off track. But when you’re ready to get back to it, it’s hard to know what to do first. The Bariatric Foodie Back on Track Toolkit will help! It’ll lead you through identifying where you want to be, where you are now, and how to get there. It even comes with a collection of protein-packed, easy and delicious recipes you can use to plan a week of healthy eating. BONUS! With this download, you also get access to the popular Bariatric Foodie “Back on Track Challenge!” For 10 days, I’ll send you an email with one easy, but powerful, thing you can do to get yourself back on track. And I’ll even be your accountability buddy as you do it!


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