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Zucchini + Noodles = Zoodles! Spiralized vegetables are the hottest low-carb trend right now. Get a jumpstart by learning to make your favorite pasta dishes with zoodles! This eBook version displays beautifully on your smartphone, tablet or computer screen and comes in a PDF file, which you can easily open on any smartphone, tablet, eReader or eReader app! IMPORTANT: Due to a software glitch, Bariatric Foodie must manually email all e-book orders. We are working to resolve this problem quickly, however, please allow up to six hours for receipt of the ebook file, except during U.S. Eastern Standard Time sleep hours. Books ordered during sleep hours will be delivered by 9 a.m. EST the next morning. Thank you for your patience!

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25 reviews for Oodles of Zoodles – E-Book

  1. Diane

    I love my Oodles of Zoodles cookbook. Everything I’ve made from it is better than good, it’s awesome! Each recipe seems better than the one before. My very favorite is the Pad Thai Zoodles with chicken. The flavors mingle in a way that makes me very happy. It has quickly become my favorite cookbook. This is coming from someone that never liked zucchini or really any other vegetables. When I’ve making Zoodles in the past, they were smushed and soggy. One of the tips in the book is to use a salad spinner to get the moisture out of the Zoodles. This makes a really big difference. I’ve even used the tips to try other vegitables. This is the best cookbook I’ve ever had.

  2. Daniel

    More important than the recipes, I think this book is a great instruction manual for creating delicious dishes that are good for you, too. The how-to section at the front of the book lets me adapt the recipes in my own ways. The cold zoodle dishes are my favorite, and I’ve made some of the warm dishes too with cold noodles successfully, too.

    I highly recommend this book!

  3. Sabrina Beauchamp

    I love Oodles of Zoodles cookbook! I am just over 12 months post RNY Gastric Bypass and I cannot tolerate any kind of pasta noodles. With the help of this awesome recipe book and author Nikki Massie’s advice throughout the book, I’ve had a lot of fun learning to make “Zoodles” zucchini noodles in place of pasta noodles. I’ve tried several of her recipes, even made my husband a believer!! My favorite so far is the Carbonara recipe. I could eat that for days! Nikki also has some great advice on keeping the Zoodles crisp and not mushy. Learn this and you will really enjoy her cookbook. I feel like I know the “inside secret” by making Zoodles, and I’m looking forward to making all of Nikki’s recipes in this book!

  4. Susie Gibson (verified owner)

    I love the whole concept of this book.Nick has done a fantastic job explaining each step of the recipes. It takes you from novice to a pro in no time. Learning how to get the water out of the zucchini was very helpful and has taken the watered down dishes completely away. I love the different cuts of the zucchini to make Zoodles, or lasagna noodles. After RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery, this fills my need for pasta, I don’t miss noodles/pasta at all. The Zoodles and meatballs dish is my favorite so far.

  5. Susanne V

    I don’t know what to say, I do love any pasta dishes, so after having the sleeve pasta was a big no no for me. So I adapted and tried spaghetti squash and zucchini. I could never to get them to come out right but, after getting the book and trying out recipes I am in heaven. The tips in there are great and the recipe are so easy to do. My entire family now switched to Zoodles instead of regular pasta. I have not tried all of the recipes yet, but I am looking forward to trying them all and adapting the how to’s for other vegetables, playing with my food and modifying other recipes to be Zoodle friendly.

  6. Robin Miller (verified owner)

    I have been making Zoodles for over a year now and thought that there was not much more that I needed to know about making them. Was I ever wrong! The tutorial at the front of Oodles of Zoodles is a wonderful source of information for the novice zoodler and the ones who have been making zoodles for a while. There is info on spiralizers, what shapes work best in different kinds of recipes, how to pick the right size zucchini for the number of servings you need and how to get the excess moisture out so that your dish isn’t too wet.
    The recipes are not hard to make and all the ones I have tried so far have been hits with both my husband and me. I have made a point to try recipes from each section of the book and have found several that are being made over and over again, such as Shrimp Pesto with Zoodles, Zoodles with meatballs, Zoodle Lo Mein, and Cold Peanut Zoodles. The Butter Garlic Zoodles seem to go with everything! At almost two years post-op from my gastric bypass, I was still having problems getting vegetables into my food plan. Now, I’m not!
    These recipes are so easy to adapt to your taste. I add or take out ingredients that I don’t have on hand or prefer over the ones in the recipes and they still come out great!
    I’m now branching out to other vegetables, such as the Daikon radish that I’ve spiralized to go under some shrimp stir fry tonight.
    I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who has ever wondered about Zoodles!

  7. Stacey Miner (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this book! Nik has made another great addition to her cookbook collection! So far, we’ve tried several of the recipes, and by far our favorite was the Cajun Zoodles! Even Mr. Picky (aka my hubby) exclaimed “Hold onto that recipe so we can make it again!” This is a HUGE deal for me as I’ve been spending a lot of time cooking food for me and then something completely different for him since my sleeve surgery 9 months ago. The tips are perfect – I finally solved the problem of too watery zoodles, which is AMAZING! I bought the e-book for this one, as I have with the others, but also the hard copy, and like having the book in hand so much that I might just have to order the other three too!

  8. Denise Crockett

    Oodles of Zoodles is the most diverse cookbook for Zoodle recipes! I’ve been making Zoodles for almost 3 years and can’t believe I had been missing out on some awesome recipes that Nikki put in this book. My very favorite is the Zoodle Lo Mein. I miss Chinese food the most, so I sometimes eat this for 3-4 days for dinner. Also the Spicy beef Zoodle soup and the ever so yummy Chili -garlic Shrimp with Zoodles!! My kids love the Zoodle Lasagna and the Eggplant Parmesan with Zoodles. I love how Nikki encourages to “play” with our food. I’ve never tried the Tuna Zoodle casserole so that is my next recipe to try. I’ve also tried other vegetables in the vegetable spiralizer, beets, carrots and yellow squash. I would definitely
    recommend this book to anyone wanting to try Zoodle recipes! Enjoy!!

  9. Beverly Pace

    Oodles of Zoodles is the most comprehensive cookbook about zucchini or squash! I learned more about those vegetables than I ever thought possible! Nikki has a unique down home approach to her recipes. I think anyone could pick up that cookbook and make a delicious meal. My family was on the fence with Zoodles now they look forward to trying these different tasty recipes. I had WLS the Sleeve and I am type 2 diabetic following a low Carb meal plan is important to my health and my continued success with my weight loss surgery. I am not the best cook but when I follow one of the recipes from the Oodles of Zoodles cookbook I turn out delicious food. I highly recommend this cookbook to anyone wanting to try Zoodles.

  10. Maria Putney

    Love be this book! Never made a Zoodle before and I must say Nikki made it for easy for me to understand with explanations and easy to follow instructions. The pictures are beautiful and the recipes are delicious.

  11. Lisa (verified owner)

    In addition to the amazing recipes (which are SO good btw), Nik has also included some really great resources for beginner zoodlers. Preparing your zoodles properly is really key to having a successful dish – you get all the best tips and tricks here 🙂

  12. Marianne (verified owner)

    This is a great book for the non-experienced and experienced zoodler! It’s easy to understand and follow and the recipes are great. They are full of flavor and variety! My daughter no longer wants regular pasta! Great job!

  13. Julie Carter (verified owner)

    I love Oodles of Zoodles cookbook. So many great recipies which is great for someone like me who has no imagination. Very easy to understand and tasty.

  14. Michelle Parker (verified owner)

    Great cookbook.

  15. Rosemary Nathan (verified owner)

    I love love love this book. Easy imaginative flavourful zoodles meals, made with food on hand with simple easy to follow directions. Thank you so much Nik for bring more variety back into my food

  16. Cathie Henderson (verified owner)

    I love using my Oodles of Zoodles cookbook. I have trouble eating pasta and love the meals that I am able to make with zoodles instead of pasta. It is very easy to follow and the recipes are so delicious, my family and friends love them too. Nikki has done a fantastic job with this book and is always such an encouragement to me to keep eating healthy.

  17. Diana (verified owner)

    As always a home run, fun and informative and easy to use and follow directions.

  18. Mary Ann Forest (verified owner)

    Love this book

  19. Theresa E (verified owner)

    Great book. I can not eat pasta and the veggie zoodles are very tasty. Easy to follow recipes.

  20. Christine (verified owner)

    This book is fun! I love making the zoodles for the recipes. I’m 9 years post op.
    Eating like I did early on is becoming a challenge so i got the cookbook. Nikki gives you all of the information you need and a how to that is so thorough. I made shrimp pesto and zoodles for my husband. He loved it. No more fighting me over pasta or rice. My favorite is tuna zoodles casserole. Best of all, I made the butter garlic zoodles for company. They loved it and one even went and bought a zoodles maker.

  21. Leigh Ann (verified owner)

    We had never tried zoodles before, but Nik’s book made my husband and I ready to jump into this new culinary experience. It has great tips and easy to follow instructions. I just got the book and have already tried one dish (yum!) and am looking forward to trying more.

  22. Dana (verified owner)

    From someone that didn’t even know what Zoodles were until Nik introduced me to them … this book helps even the beginners get started with Zoodles….from how to pick out the proper veggies to preparing the dishes. Great job, Nik!

  23. Karen Belulovich (verified owner)

    This book can make even a below average cook seek top rate. The book is clear and concise. The recipes are so varied that you get to be adventurous without disaster. Everything is covered from what size vegetable to use to the texture you will have. With this book it is like having your friend holding your hand while she teaches you her talent. All of Nikki’s cookbooks have been like that, so easy to follow and learn and then own what she has shared with you. I never touched a zucchini before her cookbook and now I’m in a whole new world. Her photos are beautifully done day my dishes will look like hers! This book surpassed my expectations and expanded my culinary horizons.

  24. Lora Deanne (verified owner)

    I had bariatric surgery, my husband didn’t. I grew up loving zucchini, my husband didn’t. This book bridges those gaps. I made garlic parmesan noodles and he loved them! I am telling you, loved them. The next zucchini
    is on the kitchen counter. We are trying the next recipe this weekend.

  25. Tammy (verified owner)

    Great book. The recipes are easy to make and taste great. The directions are very easy to follow. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for low carb options, or just wants different ways to incorporate more vegetables to your diet.

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