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Take the “Celebrate Vitamins” Challenge!

We all know vitamins are important after weight loss surgery, right?

(Right…RIGHT??? Please say yes.)

Well here’s another question. Do you know what’s important in a vitamin? As in…what to look for…on the label…and stuff…

Taking the right types of vitamins (both for your surgery type and for you) is important after weight loss surgery. And while your needs can change over time, it’s good to have a good basic understanding of what’s important when it comes to bariatric vitamins.

That’s why I am RIDICULOUSLY thankful that one of my fave companies, Celebrate Vitamins, has offered to help us understand our vitamins better.

The Celebrate Vitamins Challenge!

(“But wait a minute, Nik? Is this just some ploy to get us to buy Celebrate Vitamins???)

I thought you might wonder about that. The answer is NO! While Celebrate Vitamins offers great products for bariatric peeps, you can take part in this challenge and never buy any of their products. They just want to make sure you know what you need to know to lose weight in the healthiest way possible.

Through this 7-day challenge you’ll learn:

  • What the ASMBS vitamin recommendations are (and why you should care!)
  • How to prep your vitamins so you’re more likely to remember to take them every single day (every dose!)
  • The biggest mistake post-ops make when taking calcium
  • The 4-1-1 on iron and B12
  • And we’ll even address the existential question: what if you like your vitamins a little bit too much?

(Y’all know that last bullet point was just an excuse to use the word “existential,” right? Just keeping it real, Foodies, just keeping it real…)

How the challenge will work

  • The challenge is 7 days – July 23-30. All challenge activities will take place inside a private Facebook Group.
  • Each day, Celebrate Vitamins will teach us something new and important about vitamins and will give us an easy (promise!) homework assignment to complete.
  • Do the assignments and you’re entered to win a daily prize.
  • Do ALL the assignments and you’re entered to win the Grand Prize – a YEAR supply of Celebrate Vitamins!

Are you excited yet? Because this is the point where I’m getting a bit excited. (Right???)

Sign up for the Celebrate Vitamins Challenge!

You must sign up to participate. Fill out the form below and you’re in! Oh and also…tell your weight loss surgery BFF (we all have one) to sign up, the members of your support group, the five online support groups you belong to aaaaand, yes, even that one chick you low-key resent because she seemed to lose all her weight with absolutely no effort. Yeah. Her too. We all need to learn about our vitamins!

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