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Thank you for subscribing!

Nikki profileI am so excited you decided to join the Bariatric Foodie e-mail list! And I’m gonna tell you why.

But first…here’s something important I need you to do.

In a few minutes, you’re going to get an email from me asking you to confirm your subscription. That’s just basically you saying, “Yes, Nik! I want to receive yummy weight-loss surgery friendly recipes, helpful product reviews, and tips for living my best healthy lifestyle!” (In those exact words you’d say it too…I can hear you in my head!)

Once you do that you’ll be all set to take advantage of everything Bariatric Foodie has to offer!

So back to why this community is so awesome.

It’s because of YOU, silly! And lots of other post-ops who come together each and every day with honesty, respect and the genuine desire to help each other. Together, we keep each other “on track” (whatever that really means) and moving toward achieving our healthy goals. We call ourselves the #FoodieNation and guess what? We’re stronger for you being here!

Now there are a few…perks…if you will…to being a member of the #FoodieNation. One of them is that we offer crazy support. Before you go, I just wanted to let you know a few ways you can tap into the power of the #FoodieNation:

  • You can always follow Bariatric Foodie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I do daily discussions on Facebook and Twitter. On Instagram you can see what yummy food I’m cooking up (and most of the recipes will end up on this website!)
  • If you feel like you need a more private space to build your healthy lifestyle through monthly challenges, weekly support calls, and other events created just for you, check out the Foodie Nation Community – my private, gated community where you are free to let your hair down and do the work of creating your awesome lifestyle!
  • The e-mail newsletter! Through it I’ll send not only recipes and articles about healthy living, I’ll also send opportunities to take part in educational sessions, support calls, challenges, giveaways and more. You really have hit paydirt here. (Or actually…we did…because we get to know YOU!)

As an 8-year RNY post-op, I still learn something new from this community every single day. Every single day people inspire me to do better, work harder, get more clear with my goals and to use accountability to achieve success. So please…take advantage of all we have to offer! We truly want you to conquer your goals – and we can’t wait to celebrate your successes with you!

Best Health Always,


Nikki Massie (aka Nik), Owner & Author of Bariatric Foodie