Join a Bariatric Foodie StepBet!

What is a StepBet? And why is it one of the best ways to get you back on track/stepping it up a notch? Let me tell you.

So here’s the thing about healthy habits. They aren’t easy to build!

But just because something isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it isn’t a worthy endeavor. And, in fact, there are ways to motivate yourself to develop even the most challenging habits. One of those methods involves having some skin in the game.

(“What the HECK does that mean, Nik?”)

I’ll tell you.

Everything you do habitually is a habit. So that includes things like going to work, feeding your kids, taking a shower. You ever notice you don’t have to talk yourself into doing those things? It’s because you have skin in the game. There’s a consequence to not doing those things.

StepBet puts that dynamic to work to help you build a sustainable habit of walking more. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. StepBet is a six-week, app-based game. It’s called StepBet because you are “betting” cash money ($40 to be exact) on your ability to complete walking goals each day for the six weeks of the game. How do you get those goals? Let’s talk about that next…
  2. Before you join a game, the app analyzes the daily steps you’re already doing, and then gives you two goals: your Active goal will be about 1100-1500 more steps than you’re already doing each day. Your Power goal is going to be about 2-3,000 more steps than you usually do each day. (Don’t get scared. By most estimates it takes most normal people about 10-20 minutes to walk 1,000 steps.) If those goals look sufficiently challenging, you accept them, pay your bet, and join a game. (See below for how to join the Foodie game!)
  3. Once the game starts, you must meet your Active goal four times each week, and your Power goal twice each week. You get one rest day each week.
  4. If you make it to the end of the game (by completing your daily goals for six weeks) you get your bet back, but you also split the “pot” (made up of all the bets) with the other people who completed the game. (Yes, this means if you don’t finish the game, you do lose your bet and it’s split between the players who finished the game. But don’t get scared. Read on to find out how I personally work hard to make sure you finish!)

This is the third Bariatric Foodie StepBet and players put in $40 and usually get $45-46 back. But winning a bunch of money is not what most Foodie StepBetters say is the best part. What they say is the best part is what they achieved — and the motivation, accountability and support they got along the way.

Support on Overdrive

My ultimate DREAM is to host a StepBet where everyone puts $40 in, and everyone gets $40 back. (Meaning we ALL made it to the finish line!) To try to achieve that, I’ve built a whole community around StepBet games, designed to motivate and support you through the game. Check out what you get when you join a Bariatric Foodie StepBet:

  • A special “Steppers-only” Facebook group full of folks who are playing the game right along with you. Many of them are not first time steppers, and can answer your questions!
  • The opportunity to have an accountability buddy for more personal and frequent check-ins.
  • Extra challenges to keep you motivated throughout the game (for example, during the summer game we also worked on our water intake)
  • Unbeatable cheerleading, support, and gentle ass-kicking when you need it. (Let’s keep it real…sometimes we all need it…)
  • …and occasionally I give away prizes just because I’m proud of you!

The next Bariatric Foodie StepBet is starting soon!

I’d love to count you among my “Foodie Steppers.” If you’d like to sign up, hit the button below from your mobile device. Here’s what happens when you do:

  1. You’ll be directed to download the StepBet app. Do it!
  2. The app will ask to connect to whatever device you use to track your steps (FitBit, Samsung, Apple Health, etc.) NOTE: You can use your either Apple or Android’s health app built into your phone to track steps BUT that means you pretty much have to carry it everywhere! If you don’t have a long enough step history, the app may tell you to track your steps a few days before you can join a game. If you have been tracking your step history, the game will give you your goals.
  3. You should get taken directly back to the Bariatric Foodie game, but if not, you can search game code “BFoodie” to find it.
  4. If your goals look ok to you, you can then place your $40 bet and join the game. Then you’re in!

If you have any questions along the way, hit me up at (Put “StepBet” in the subject line.) I’ll help!

Join the StepBet!

If you have any trouble accessing StepBet using the above button, download the app to your phone, open it and search game code “Bfoodie” to find our game.