The Foodie Nation Community

Do you need “people”?

I need people. Especially with two teenaged daughters and a significant other who are obsessed with Doritos, (well meaning) co-workers who bring donuts into the break room on a weekly basis and a whole world full of tempting food that seems to sing to me every day, “you can’t have me…”

I need people to help resist the temptations.

Especially when I want to work out but I work 8-10 hours a day, fight horrific commute traffic. When I do get home I’m often frustrated and tired, and would much rather slide into my jammies than put on my workout duds and head to the gym – or even to my own living room – to exercise.

Yep. I need people to help me plan better and stay active.

And when I just feel utterly un-motivated to work on my process, I especially need people to keep me inspired to do my best. I’m nine years into this weight loss surgery lifestyle and I’ll tell you the truth: some days I wish I could request a vacation from it!

Which is why I need people. So I ask you again…do you need people?

The Foodie Nation Can Be “Your People”

Studies show having an all encompassing support system can be powerful in the process of losing weight and getting healthy. But for so many of us, our surgical support groups aren’t enough. We like to be engaged. We like to have fun challenges to take part in. A place to ask questions and get answers. A place to vent and work out our challenges in a safe and private environment.

It is for these reasons and so many more that I built The Foodie Nation Community. It’s a members-only, member-supported website where I personally will help you stay the course, work your most challenging goals and maintain success after weight loss surgery. Inside the community, you’ll have the tools and resources you need to get motivated, make goals and be accountable – the secret sauce to living a healthy lifestyle, for the rest of your life, on your own terms.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find inside The Foodie Nation Community:

  • Truly motivated bariatric patients who are ready, willing and able to help you achieve your goals
  • Community forums where you can be accountable for your daily eating/vitamins/water activity, do monthly challenges, get an accountability buddy – and more!
  • Weekly accountability and support calls to keep you motivated and educated
  • Special workshops on healthy habits, like healthy cooking methods, meal planning, food tracking and more
  • Downloadable WLS Restaurant Guides you can access so you “know before you go” what to order at popular national restaurant chains

But the best thing about The Foodie Nation is this: because it is member-supported, it is your community. You get to choose how it evolves! For example, we’re in the process of building a 24/7 chat room so folks can talk or even shine the “bat light” when they need help in a hurry. There’s also been talk of a Foodie Nation retreat… (I’m just sayin’)

Join Us

So if you that extra boost of motivation and support to build your healthy lifestyle, join us! We’d love to count you as one of the citizens of The Foodie Nation Community!

I Wanna Check it Out!


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