You’re now a Season Pass Holder!

Woohoo! Now read this info because it’s IMPORTANT!

In a few minutes you should get an email from me with the subject line, “Your Season Pass Has Arrived!” It contains the very same information that I am putting below. In addition to emailing you this information now, I’ll remind you each time I have a cooking class!

If you don’t get that email within 24 hours (because we all know the internet can be weird) be sure to check your junk folder and then email me at I’ll straighten it out for you!

How the Season Pass Works

The Season Pass gives you entry into all the remaining cooking classes I hold for 2018. There will be at least one a month, and probably more during the holidays. You have access to all of them now. Here’s how you access them:

  1. For each class I host, I’ll send you an email. It will have a link to sign up for the class. You do have to sign up for each class. (It lets me know how many people to expect and who to send the replay to!)
  2. At checkout, you’re going to enter coupon codeĀ PLAYWITHYOURFOOD. This will make the class free for you.
  3. From there, you’ll get all the reminders about the class, along with the follow-up items (cookbook, replays, etc.)

NOTE: You do still have to sign up for the class even if you only want the replay, and won’t be attending live.

Make sense? If not, email me at and we’ll talk it out.

I’m so excited we’re going to keep cooking together!