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We are mostly doing this because we wonder just how many of you READ this blog (Well we really need not wonder. We have Google Analytics so I know how many people landed here…but not how many actually read stuff). So we thought we’d get a little interactive.

There are a couple of options that have hit the “three times tested” mark. YOU choose which one goes up next. The order of votes will determine what order the recipes go up. Please note your first choice only please. We’re too lazy to do run-off votes!

Option #1 (Savory) – Cheeseburger Soup

Nikki saw this one on “Diner’s, Drive-ins and Dives” and has been obsessed every since. This soup is not a mere concoction of meat and cheese. The originator of this recipe really thought about what makes us LOVE burgers and incorporated it all–taste, texture, smell, even fixins. This one tested very well with kids, post-ops and non-ops!

Option #2 (Sweet) – High-fiber Protein Cheesecake

This one took a while to test because everytime Nikki made it, her kids and brother ate all of it before she got some. Finally, on batch #3 she got a proper piece (as opposed to one inch squares of batches #1 and 2…) and declares this a victory for WLS friendly recipes! As a side-note when asked if they noticed the fiber and protein in the cake they said, “mwuf muffy fiffer muff muff…” which, without a mouth full of cheesecake translates to “there’s fiber and protein in this????”

So which do YOU want to see next? Tell me what to cook and I’ll cook it!!!


  1. Don't make me choose!!

    I think cheesecake first, please.

  2. Both, but Cheesecake first, please!

  3. The cheeseburger soup sounds really good. Cheesecake is over rated and recipes for it are abundant (although I do love it lol). The soup sounds like something different than the usual.

  4. I think cheeseburger soup sounds really yummy….of course, I like cheesecake too! How about surprising us with both??? You're so CREATIVE! Love watching you cook/create!

  5. CHEESEBURGER SOUP!! That sounds sooo yummy! I'm not a huge cheesecake fan.

  6. Cheesecake!!!!! Pumpkin is my favorite btw, just sayin'. 🙂

  7. Cheeseburger, please!!!

  8. Mmmmmm it all sounds delish….hows about the cheeseburger soup followed by a cheesecake? Its a win win situation!

  9. Soup please!

  10. Cheesecake please!

  11. Burger Soup… yummy in my tummy!!

  12. Cheesecake

  13. cheesecake first please

  14. Cheeseburger Soup please! Saw that episode twice, drool-a-lish-ious … already lots of sweet stuff out there

  15. cheeseburger soup

  16. cheeseburger soup!

  17. Cheeseburger soup!! I saw that episode of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives and I've always wanted to try it!!!

  18. my vote is for cheesecake 🙂 YUM!!

  19. Both of course… but I'd love to see the cheeseburger soup first. That one sounds divine

  20. I guess if I have to pick, I'll go with the soup first!

  21. Looks like a close tie to me. Do both please. But I want the cheesecake really bad!

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