My Top 10 Favorite BiPro Recipes in a FREE eBook!

This protein-packed apple mini-muffin is just one of the books featured in The Bariatric Foodie Breakfast Book!
Apple Cinnamon Protein Muffins, featured in Protein Perfect: Favorite BiPro Cooking Recipes.

Ok, here’s the truth.

I love BiPro USA whey protein. It’s been the whey isolate protein of choice for Bariatric Foodie for quite some time now. And there are several reasons for that:

  1. 90 calories. 0g carbs. 20g protein. (Ok, maybe that’s three reasons…work with me here!)
  2. No extra junk in my protein! (That makes me feel like I’m doing at least one thing right on a day-to-day basis)
  3. It’s really, really, super-duper easy to incorporate protein into most of my favorite recipes.

That last one is a reason I’ve stuck with BiPro this long. If I want muffins? I can have them. I make them with BiPro! Chocomonster strikes? BiPro has my back! And during the holidays, I use BiPro to make everything from cranberry sauce to holiday party offerings. Best part for me? My guests rarely know there’s extra protein in what I give them. (And I usually don’t tell them!)

curry for wordpress
Protein Curried Cheeseball, featured in Protein Perfect: Favorite BiPro Cooking Recipes.

Yep…in the nearly nine years since my surgery, I’ve learned to make lots and lots of things with protein. And lately I’ve been making them all with BiPro! That’s why I’ve teamed up with the folks at BiPro to bring you Protein Perfect: Favorite BiPro Cooking Recipes.

Protein Tropical Lemonade, featured in Protein Perfect: Favorite BiPro Cooking Recipes

This little eBook has 10 recipes that I hope will jumpstart your creative thinking about how to use protein in your favorite foods. Now…moment of truth. There are two protein drinks in this book (because…hey…I still love protein drinks!), but there are also recipes that can be used for breakfast, dessert and more!

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Happy Holidays from Bariatric Foodie – and BiPro USA!

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