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Crustless Pizza Casserole

You know what’s really empowering, Foodies? Making something the way you like it, just because that’s how you  like it. Not the way the kids like it or your spouse likes it, but just the way you want it. I had an epiphany recently. I’ve spent a lot of my post-op career catering to everyone’s preferences in my crusade to …

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Meat Crust Pizza

Yesterday I was going over some old online photo albums I have on the web. I came across this recipe I used to make ages ago. It’s totally not mine. I heard about it from my friend, Plump Kitty, who also inspired a few dessert recipes of mine as well. This one is interesting to me because it’s the one …

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Leftovers Week: Jen’s Gobble It Down Pizza

~~posted by Jen By the Sunday after Thanksgiving, your family is probably moaning and groaning about still having to eat turkey sandwiches (mine already is) so you need to use up all that food but make it look and taste different, right? That’s where we come in with Leftovers Week. Starting tomorrow, Nik and I will share two recipes with …

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