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Faux-tato salad lives on!

A little Faux-tato salad…a little chicken…who needs those starchy carbs??? You wanna know how I come by about 89% of the Foodie-submitted posts on this blog? I am watching you. Yes, I am. And when one of you says, “Hey, Nik, I tried ______ and I really liked it!” I POUNCE! Because I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, …

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Nik’s “Kickarse” Veggie Chili

Before we start, have you entered yet to win yourself a FREE canister of Click Decaf? Yes? Ok, good. Let us proceed! Look closely at that bowl of chili above. REALLY stare at it. It doesn’t look that out of the ordinary does it? Sure, it has a few more veggies than regular chili but besides that, pretty standard fare, …

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