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Protein Whoopie Pies

So I keep hearing about these things called “whoopie pies.” Now some purists might say that this is a food that cannot be WLS friendly. BUT I SAY NAY!!! So I decided to try. But more than that…I decided to take you guys along with me for the ride…whether you wanna go or not! Now I know what you want …

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How to Make WLS-friendly Chicken Enchiladas

So ok…this video is a bit choppy. We tried some new methods of shooting stuff to make it more condensed. So put all that aside. Let me show you something…THIS is what you get at the end of the experience… So what’s a few bad edits in exchange for THIS??? This blog is in real time people…and in real time …

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Carbquik Pancakes

So I have been trying for the better part of the day to get this damn video up on the blog. Is it there??? Is it really there??? Ok, so the Carbquik pancake…folks have been having trouble with the recipe. And that bothers me. For several reasons: firstly because as a person who dreams up recipes you never want your …

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