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Dessert Week Offering # 6: Denise’s Protein Caramel Macchiato

~by Nikki A few days ago, my gorgeous friend Denise (waitinggame on OH) sent me this recipe for her Protein Caramel Macchiato. Here’s the funny thing…she thinks that I invented it! Bless her heart… I WISH I could take credit for this but I cannot. It was actually Jen’s creation (which I did not know until just recently when Jen pointed …

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Dessert Week Offering # 5: Nik’s “Portion Control” Cheesecakes

(Warning: this is a long post. Go get a cup of coffee or tea and come back…I’ll wait…) Cheesecake. It is a wonderful thing and I don’t think anybody…not one single person…should be deprived of it. But cheesecake is kind of hard to work into our daily plans, isn’t it? It’s richness makes it filling but, in and of itself, …

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BF Crafty Corner: Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas Part 1

~~posted by Jen   “Hello, my name is Jen, and I am addicted to seasonal decorating. I hit rock bottom when I had a temper tantrum at Christmas Tree Shoppe in Freehold, NJ because they only had 5 matching placemats for my tablescape and I needed 6.” Yes, I admit it. No shame here. I love for my house and …

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WLS-Friendly Apple Crumble

This and many more holiday recipe ideas are available in The Bariatric Foodie Holiday Survival Guide on Amazon. Apple. Crumble. Yes. Let’s just take a quick moment to revel in our memories of apple crumbles. If you don’t have a memory I’ll lend mine. Picture it. Suburban Maryland. The 1980’s. You know…back when it snowed when it was supposed to and half …

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