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Spicy Summer Beans & Sausage

Y’all need to know you almost didn’t get a picture of these spicy beans and sausage. Why? Because somewhere along the line my well-crafted, time-tested method for making sure nobody eats my bloggable food broke down this week! Let me tell you how that usually goes. Usually my family knows when I am making food to blog because it takes forever …

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Nik’s Spicy (or not) Quinoa & Beans

You all might remember that this year I vowed that my Meatless Fridays this year would NOT be another litany of the “Three T’s”: Tuna, Tilapia and TVP. I’ve been branching out! Like most of my food, this dish has a funny story to it. Last Friday I pick the divas up from aftercare. As per usual, they were hungry. …

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