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Jen’s MexiCali Meatloaf

~~posted by Jen Mini Meatloaf ready to eat! I was torturing y’all a couple weeks ago about my discovery of a non-carb binder for meatloaf, remember? I promised to tell you what it was, then Soup Week came along, and the meatloaf recipe got back-burnered. Well, it was pretty rude of me to leave y’all hanging like that, so I …

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The votes are in…cheeseburgers it is!

Thank you guys for voting! I never thought the response would be so high! No worries to all you cheesecake enthusiasts. I made that today too and took photographs so (God willing) it’ll be up tomorrow or Tuesday. So…cheeseburger soup. Let’s just start off with a quick history lesson to how we got to where we are today. Nikki was …

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