Nik’s Excellent Adventure

~~by Nikki

Ok so usually I don’t post stuff about my boring, so-called life but I felt inspired to write this because…hell…I’ll come out and say it…I’m proud of myself.

Why for, you ask?

Well, firstly if you’ve been keeping up with me in other venues you know this weekend was my two daughters “SUPER BIG GIRL SCOUTS CAMPING TRIP!!!”

Yeah. I wasn’t excited either. In fact, you look up “city girl” in the dictionary and there I am like, “whatevs!”

Funny enough, it did not even occur to me to be worried about my eating on this trip. I think I am far enough out from surgery where I don’t need to pack an arsenal of food for a trip but still, it might have been prudent to do some prep work. To that effect, incorporating what went well (and a lot did) and what I could have done to make it go even better, here is the account of my eating on said camping trip.

The first night we had planned to do pizza. We arrived in the evening and after setting up camp we all knew nobody would want to make dinner. So when it came time to order the pizza, your girl had a LIGHTBULB! moment. The pizza place has other stuff…besides pizza! After a quick scan of the menu I decided on a grilled chicken salad (of which I ate the chicken and about 1/3 of the salad before relinquishing the rest to my children).

That night we did the camp fire s’mores thing. I did partake, although my s’more was about 1/nth the size of everyone else’s (I used a half of a half of a graham cracker, 1/2 a marshmallow and 2 squares of chocolate. I know how much sugar I can get away with!)

Day 2: breakfast was actually pretty darn protein forward. Egg/bacon wraps and fruit. I admit I did the tortilla (cringe) and it was flour (double cringe!). To my credit my GoWear was registering CRAZY numbers so I’m pretty sure I burned it all off. But I did load up on plenty of eggs and some bacon and cheese.

Lunch was sandwiches and y’all know what that means for me – roll ups! These are soooo easy to do on a lunch meat platter. I did a couple of roll-ups and some more fruit and your girl was good to go!

Dinner was this curious concoction of the Girl Scouts called “Doracos.” It is sooooo deliciously evil. You take a bag of Doritos, crunch it up, add taco meat, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, more cheese…and then eat it! Yeah. Not for me. I am in awe of my own will power on this one because me and Doritos definitely get down like that. But instead I loaded up my little plate with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese and topped it with some taco meat (which was beef which usually makes me ill and this time was no exception). Score one for the Nikster!

That night the girls attempted camp fire churros. Yeah. Didn’t go so well. Nobody wanted to stand by the fire long enough to cook their dough. I did not partake. I’m not a dough kinda gal. And the things were definitely dough-y. They also did chocolate/marshmallow dipped pretzel sticks. That I could get into. Which is why I split one with the youngest kid before reaching for a beer…y’know…to coat my mouth with a different kind of taste…it was strictly pre-emptive!!!

Day 3 we broke camp early to head out so we only did breakfast which was continental (read: carbinental). I did allow myself a splurge. Just because I wanted it. I had a harvest fruit bagel with peanut butter, banana and strawberry. It was carb city and I loved every minute of it dammit!!! Mind you, I had to do almost all protein the rest of the day to even it all out but it was sooooo worth.

So things I coulda done better:

Well there are a plethora of protein bars, RTD stuff etc. I could have brought with me. But I must say it felt good to not have to do that. Within the choices I was given, there were ways to modify to suit my needs (although I didn’t always make that choice admittedly) but I think in the future I’ll pack a thing or two just in case.

I did, however, stay hella hydrated (sugar-free drink sticks are my salvation y’all!) and in the end I had a nice, relaxing weekend with my daughters. And one where, for the first time in a long-time…I was not food obsessed.

Ok, back to work making the yummy things you crave! Holla!

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  1. I love the "Doracos"! Where I'm from we use Fritos instead of Doritos and call them "walking tacos" because they use the single serving bags. Lots of schools sell them as concessions at Football games and the like.

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