I promise…

Well it’s Lent kids. For all non-Christians or non-spiritual people, Lent is the Christian season leading up to Easter. One Lent tradition is to sacrifice something for the 40 days of Lent to make you more mindful of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Every year I lament on what to give up. I don’t necessarily do this because I am a devout Christian (have you heard my life story lately???? Single mom of two kids who has little to no interest in ever being anybody’s wife…), but because I often get so bogged down in my own issues that I forget to care about my fellow man. Sacrificing makes me more mindful of people out there who don’t have as much as me and I like that yearly reminder, even if I do forget it two days after Easter.

Last year I gave up peanut butter. It nearly killed me. But I got through it and the exercise did what it was supposed to do. This year I lamented for a long time of what I should give up and I have decided, after much contemplation, to give up noshing. For those unfamiliar with how I use this term, noshing (to me) = grazing. Grazing is generally bad for WLS patients. Some of us do it anyway. It hasn’t had a negative impact on the scale (yet) but it is something I came to enjoy doing (a little too much). 

All this is to say that you should expect report-backs–most likely very comical ones–as I try to keep faithful to my Lenten promise. Also I’m going to try to report on my “meatless Fridays” (a harkening back to my days as a Catholic gal) because it is entirely possible to have high protein/no meat days.

So stay tuned kids. I’ll make this the most entertaining Lent season you ever had!


  1. I normally give up sweets for Lent, it seems to be my "go to thing" this year however, I decided that I'd actually try to do something extra rather than give up something. My goal is to be at Mass (I'm still a Catholic girl) every weekend! I get so preoccupied at time I just let it slide, but I do feel much better after going. I'm sure my husband could use the extra prayers as well (hes in Afghanistan) so maybe I'll be doing it for him as much as me.

    My sister and I cook on Friday nights together. We pick something we have never made before and make it. I guess we'll be picking something with seafood for the next 6 weeks! Woohoo! Thank God we live on the Gulf.

    Good luck Nikki!

  2. As of now you are "no-nosh-nikki!"