Holiday Preview Logistics

by Nik and Jen


We’re in crunch time on our end, making sure things are just right for the 2010 Holiday Preview. If you are coming, we look forward to seeing you! If you can’t get to Baltimore, make sure to order your “Portable Preview” and get all the recipes, the shake samples and the goodie bag!

For those that are attending (or want to), here is some important information (in FAQ format):

Are there still tickets available? Can I pay at the door?

Yes and YES! If you pay at the door in person, however, you must pay using cash or check only. We aren’t set up to take credit or debit card payments at the door. If you need to pay by credit or debit card, use the PayPal button and print your confirmation to bring with you to present at check-in. La Grande Diva will be supervising check-in and she does NOT play y’all!

Where do I park?

There is a free parking lot at the venue. If spaces fill up, there’s parking along S. Charles Street and in the surrounding area. There is also a paid parking lot about two blocks from the venue (going toward the Inner Harbor).

What is the dress for the party?

Hey…we are Nik & Jen…not Clinton and Stacey. Keep two things in mind, though. First, the venue is a church so don’t wear anything you think might get you hit with a lightening bolt. Second, we will be taking pictures and asking for your permission to post them here and on Facebook. So show your stuff!

…And yes you may wear your blinking lights Christmas sweater but no you will not get a discount for doing so!

Is there anything else to do in the area where the party is being held?

Um…yah! The venue is about a two minute walk from the Baltimore Inner Harbor, the Science Center, the National Aquarium in Baltimore and many more cool sights!

Will there be a disco ball?

No. But soon and very soon peeps…

Can my non-op husband/sister/brother/cousin/uncle/babydaddy come with me?

Of course! We love non-ops! They do, however, have to pay the same admission as everyone else.

Will there be anything available for sale at the party?

Why yes, thank you for asking! We’ll have the first two in our line of “Shake it Up!” Protein Shake Sample Kits: Decaf Mochaccino and White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake protein shakes! The kits come with everything you need to make the shakes but the liquid! So you can try the shake before you buy all the ingredients! They are $5 each.

You’ll also be able to order your copy of “Shake it Up! The Official Pouch Party Protein Shake Recipe Book” This book has dozens of yummy protein shake recipes to keep your pouch happy and your waistline shrinking! Copies are $15 each.

I can’t come to the preview but I want to party in person with Nik & Jen! Will I have the opportunity to do that?

Awww…we wish you could be there too! Stay tuned for the dates and complete listing for the 2011 “Total World Domination” tour. And remember: if you are anywhere on the East Coast, a Pouch Party is only an e-mail away!  Hit us up and we’ll tell you how to get started. For those not on the East Coast, hit us up just the same. We’ll tell you how to get on our radar for your own Pouch Party event!

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  1. WHOOT!!! Just bought my Deluxe Preview….so I will get to party…just a little after you all do. 🙂

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