What to eat on Cinqo de Mayo after Weight Loss Surgery

Aside from the holiday, today is my late “Pop-pop’s” birthday. Manuel Fernandez was the first man I ever loved and I still miss him every day! In addition to being an awesome grandpa, he also laid the foundation to some of the recipes you guys enjoy from the blog. For instance, he taught me to make homemade pizza crust, which laid the groundwork to know how to make crusts for WLS-friendly pot pies, low-carb pocket apple pies, hot pockets and more!

But…for the rest of you it’s Cinco de Mayo and you want Mexican. Am I right?

Here are a few faves from here on the blog! (Click the recipe title for the recipe)

Nachos a la Nik

Man, I haven’t made these in forever! If I had pots, pans…a piece of tinfoil…spared from packing, I would totally make these. Loaded with protein, fiber and CRUNCH!


Bonus: In addition to being ooey and gooey, this one comes with a video of me demonstrating how to make them…and attempting Zumba. Gulp.

Mexican Egg Casserole

This is the perfect blend of Mexican and “breakfast-for-dinnner.” And all the ingredients are at your local grocery store. I promise!

Mexican Chocolate Protein Shake

NEWBIES!  I’ve not forgotten you! This protein shake is soooooo yummy. And if you like chocolate shakes you already have everything it takes to make it. I PROMISE!

Taco Casserole

Who knew when I first stareted posting about this recipe a few years ago, who knew it would become such a…thing??? By far THE most clicked post on BF, the most referenced recipe I have ever published, taco casserole marries three yummy concepts: tacos, chili and refried beans. The result is NOMINOUS!!!

And if none of these ideas tickle your fancy (although…???), search Mexican on the right menu bar. There are many, many, MANY more ideas!

What to eat on Cinqo de Mayo after Weight Loss Surgery
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What to eat on Cinqo de Mayo after Weight Loss Surgery
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  1. Love the Mexican egg casserole and the taco casserole!! Delicious!! Amazing job
    <3 Sam

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